Best 30 Stylelist Fashion Tips To Look Tall

 Best 30 Stylelist Fashio n Tips To Look Tall  :- Everyone want to look different in a crowd of people or more beautiful than that. So they worked a lot. Because of fashion and beauty, girls are competing with each other. So they run to beauty parlour and try to wear best branded outfits. After doing all this things, still some girls are disappoint because of their height. If you are also want to be updated with fashion but due to small height you are facing problem then now we got a solution for you. We are going to tell you some fashion Tips from which you can become style icon.

Best 30 Stylelist Fashion Tips

Tips for Small Women to look Taller without Heels (clothes that make you look taller females

Fashion tips to look tall are:

1-The girls those height are short, they should wear vertical strips dresses, pants, jeans, slots and skirts. In winter you can carry open straight cardigan or jacket with it.

2-You can wear high waist bottom to show your legs long. You can pair this bottoms with tailored crop top or formal shirts.


3-If you don’t want to wear full sleeve dress or upper wear then you can try short sleeve or sleeveless
dress and upper wear.

Best 30 Stylelist Fashion Tips

4-short height girls should wear v neck design upper wear instead if turtle or boat neck design upper
wear. Because if v shaped neckline , neck looks long.

5-If you want to show your height more then you should not wear Capri or ¾ trousers. Instead of loose or bulky, wear slim style lower wear.

6-Your height also depend on the colour of your clothes. Your height will look longer by these colors
such as brown, black, red, purple, dark tan and dark grey. If you want to look slim, then you should wear dark color clothes only.

7- To make illusion of height you can try monochrome pattern. If you wear single color of jumpsuit or gown, then your height will look better. If you wear single color of jumpsuit from top to bottom so that is called monochrome outfit.

8- If you want to wear light color outfit instead of dark color then you should prefer cream or ivory color outfit.


9- Short height girls should pair v shaped neck shirt, top or t shirt with cropped dark color jacket or
fitting jeans. In this outfit their height will look longer. If you are wearing mid calf boots then don’t wear loose shirts on it. You can try slot dresses also.

10- If you like to wear jeans and trousers then you should wear skinny, high waist and less flair only. You can also try straight legs jeans and trousers.

Fashion Tips to look taller (Fashion Tips for short girls)

11- You can pair straight leg Jeans and trousers with dark color upper wear. And avoid to wear pocket, cups, pleats types of trousers.

Best 30 Stylelist Fashion Tips

12- Experts suggest that if you want to show your height long then you should avoid to wear low least jeans, cropped style pants, and bell bottom pants.

13- If you want to wear saree on some special occasion then you should wear small border or without
border saree only. You can try vertical prints or small prints saree . If your figure is slim then you can
wear shiffon, Georgette, and shimmer saree.

14- If your height is short and weight is also more then you should avoid silk, kanjivaram, cotton and
tissue saree.

15- To show your height longer, short girls should wear long Kurtis. Closed neck and Chinese color kurti will perfectly perfectly. You can wear puffered sleeves kurti also.


16- long Kurtis pair with chudidaar. If you want to wear anarkali suit for some occasion then try with vnecked kurta. If your shoulders are broad then do not wear Chinese collar and puffered sleeves kurti.

17- To be updated with fashion during wedding season and look different from crowd is a big thing. If you are thinking to wear lehenga in your close one wedding then you should wear mermaid style or A line lehenga. You must choose such vertical design lehenga which is full of embroidery.

18- You should pair U necked or square shape small blouse with your lehenga. You should carry your
dupatta on one side so that it’s design will look perfectly from shoulder to neck.

19- If you want to wear kurta then you can wear your long kurta with ankle length bottom. You height will look longer in this.

20- Pair your lehenga with matching coloured bottom. Black, navy blue and red colour will suit you best.


Fashion tips for Short Height Women (how to look taller and slimmer)

21- You must have seen that mostly model and actoress keeps their hand above on their waist during
pose. Actually, In this way,all features of body are highlight perfectly. Nowadays, belt with dress are
come in fashion trend. If you also tying belt then tie above on your waist. In this way your legs will look longer.

Best 30 Stylelist Fashion Tips

22- Short girls should not carry oversized bag. Body gets weight due to big bag so your height will look short. Instead of big bag, carry small bag, purse or clutch.

23- Mostly girls love to keep long hairs and to maintain that , girls do hard work. But if your height is
short then you will look good in short hairs. Short hairs helps to highlight the neck like of short height girls.

24- If we talk about being updated with latest fashion then from 2017 , maxi dress are very popular
among girls, but if your height is short then avoid this type of dress. Instead of that you can wear slit


25- If you have a habbit of wearing big prints outfit then change your habbit now itself. Instead of that you can wear bold color outfit. Due to which your body shape will look better.

26- You can experiment your height with footwear also. Mostly short heighted girls wear heels, but
someday if you don’t want to wear heels then you can wear front printed shoes, flats.

27- Short dress suit only on those girls whose height are long. Actually, short dress give you broad look so due to that your height will look more short.

28- You can wear footwear such as wedges on saree and v necked blouse will also suit you.

29- In salwar and plazo, your height will look short so instead of that you can wear chudidaar or leggings. If you like to wear dhoti pants then only pair with crop or short top instead of long kurta.

30- We can’t keep everything in our control so if your height is short then don’t over think on it and you should look after on this tips, which will boost your confidence. You should also think to increase your confidence level while accepting this tips. If you are confident then you will best in all look. You can boost your confidence by working on your body language and posture. Once your confidence level get high, then no one can decrease your confidence level.


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