Best Tips Know How To Use Kajal In The Form Of Eyeliner

 Best Tips Know How To Use Kajal In The Form Of  Eyeliner :- The beauty of our face glows by eyes. The girls those who have big and beautiful eyes, their looks attract everyone. We use kajal for making our eyes beautiful. But sometimes it’s happen that kajal doesn’t suit our face.

This happen because, most of the girls don’t know that according to shape of the eyes, kajal should

It is not important to use branded kajal to make your eyes beautiful. The main thing is how you use kajal on your eyes. What is the right way to apply kajal. So if you want to know these ways then here we have bring some tips for you.

How to apply eyeliner and kajal for small eyes (good kajal for eyes)


Kajal Eyeliner tips

1. Use The Best Kajal For You

You will get from smudge proof kajal to coals brand in market. And the prices of these mascara also depend on it’s brand. You can buy according to your budget. But there are some point that you must keep in your mind while buying mascara. They are,

  • Color of mascara: Nowadays, there are different color of kajal are available in market. But black color is best for eyes. No one can take place of this classic mascara, while buying you should look after it’s sharpness.


  • Retractable or mascara pencil: you can use retractable kajal or kajal pencil to your eyes. One you can use by sharpening and the other by revolving it.


  • Herbal/ Organic  mascara: You should never buy chemical mascara, because it will cause damage to your eyes. Organic  mascara are the best.
  • Waterproof mascara: If you want to stay your  mascara for long time then use waterproof  mascara.


2. Before doing any eye makeup keep these things in mind

Before doing any eye makeup, you must clean your eyes properly and also following points

• First of all clean the area of nearby eyes. So that excess oil will remove from your face.

• Moisturize the area nearby eyes and skin.

• When the skin near eyes get soft, wait till that time.

• Apply eye primer.

• After this, move forward and apply eye makeup.

If you want to do heavy eye makeup as eyeshadow, eyeliner, kajal and maskara, then after cleaning your eyes, apply mascara dash so that your eyes will look more beautiful.

3. How To Apply Kajal In Less Time: Step By Step Guide

If you are in hurry to go out and have to give special look to your eyes then we are here to solve your
problem, so there are following tips which you can follow.

Eye makeup with kajal and eyeliner only (different ways to apply kajal)

STEP1: Apply mascara smoothly

The basic way of applying kajal. First of all you should apply mascara on below waterline of your eyes.

Note: If your eyes are small, then do not apply mascara at the inner corner of your eyes.

STEP 2: Layering

If you want to keep your  mascara for long time , then apply 3-4 strokes of mascara. Most of the women apply kajal from inner corner to outer side, but there is chances of smudging. So the right way is from outer side to inner corner of your eyes. The more you go towards inner corner, reduce the stroke of  mascara. Now you can apply coat of  mascara according to your choice. After applying  mascara, you will get different look.

Note: If your eyes are small, then apply only on outer side .Due to this your eyes will look bold and big.


STEP 3: Smudging

To give your eyes smudgy look , you can smudge by using smudger brush or eye brush. Due to this your kajal will not spread and give best look.

STEP 4: Don’t forget Your Upper Water Line

Mostly people like to apply  mascara on below water line of eyes, but that is not correct. You can apply on upper waterline by a sharp pencil. After that dark your eye lashes by joining them. This trick will help your eyes to look big and beautiful.

How to apply mascara and eyeliner perfectly (how to do winged eyeliner for beginners)

STEP 5: Adjust Your Upper Lashes
If you want to give your eyes a different look then draw a thick and dark stroke from outer corner to
inner corner of your eyes. If you want to make your eyes look bigger and thick then apply mascara on it.

STEP 6: Don’t Forget To look after your eyebrows

To do eye makeup properly, eyebrows also matter. So to give special look to your eyebrows, use
eyebrow pencil.


4. Some important points to take care of your eyes

•To keep your eyes healthy, don’t share your eye products with anyone. Because there are chances of
eye infection.

•If you wear contact lens then you should only use waterproof product.

•Do not do eye makeup during traveling.

•If you have burning or irritation problem in eyes then avoid eye makeup.

•You must see expiry date while buying any product.

• Don’t sleep after applying makeup. Remove your makeup with good makeup remover. Then go to     bed.

After reading this article, every women must have liked this tips of applying kajal. This tricks will
definitely save your time and energy.

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