You can find trending jeans according to your body type

You can find trending jeans according to your body type :- By listening the name itself “jeans”, we start thinking if comfort, style and affordable. Almost every girl have at least one jeans in their wadrobe. It is very important for your wadrobe to have season trendy jeans, so we are here to tell you the way to do style with top trendy jeans.

Once an Hollywood actoress had said in interview that “ I m also having same problem like other girls. Entire wadrobe is full of clothes, but still I have nothing to wear . So I select jeans only.” The jeans was first made in America and now almost every country have jeans.

There is no competitor against blue denim in casual wear but nowadays there are variety of cuts and colours jeans are available. And if you have ripped, shaded, washed or raw denim jeans in your wadrobe but you wear only basic tops or white t-shirt, so that you destroy all that look. So to solve your problem we have discussed with experts and had talk about how to choose trendy jeans according to your body type.

Best jeans for body type female (types of jeans for womens)

trendy jeans

Five types of jeans which are very trendy nowadays –

1. Side seam strips

Different strips on the side of the jeans are very trendy nowadays. Strips are of different color and also of embroidery. This pattern shoes your legs long and slim. This type of jeans you can wear with graphic t-shirt and white sneakers.


2. Colored Denims

Colored jeans make your look dramatic. If you don’t like bright color then you can choose pink or olive color jeans. This type of jeans you can wear with patterned tops and bright color sandals and get bold look. This season from straight fitting to flayered fitting in colored jeans are in trend.

3. Doodles And Patterns

If you like artistic things , then season you can try Doodles and patterns jeans. Such jeans are based on art. You can make any art of your choice on simple jeans. There are different types of patch and patterns are available in market, so you can stick it by your own.

4. Embellished Jeans

Nowadays, DIY are in trend from decorating your house to fashion. You can also follow this trend and decorate your jeans. You can style your jeans of your choice like Embroidery, sequend and patch work.You can give party look by wearing this type of jeans with vintage bomber jacket.


5. Destressed Jeans

This jeans are in trend from last many seasons. Bollywood starts also follow this trend. If you have
creativity then you can rip your jeans by art. Destressed jeans suits with crop top, leather jacket.

Choose jeans according to your body type –

Head of spyker design give advice while selecting fitting and comfort of jeans “ nowadays there are
different tyors of jeans are available according to body type, but you should select those jeans only in
which you feel comfortable, because if you feel comfortable then only you will look beautiful.” So
according to your body type , choose jeans like this:

Overglass body shape –

If you are body shape like overglass then you should wear high rige jeans with crop top.

Apple body shape –

If you have apple body shape, then wear flayered boot- cut jeans . This will show you long by balancing your broad shoulder and thin waist.


Slim-trim body –

If you are slim trim and short height then you can wear Destressed boyfriend jeans with graphic t-shirt. By wearing sneakers you can make your look interesting.

Pear Shaped Body –

Pear Shaped body of women can show their covers by wearing mid- reige mom jeans with crop top or veges.

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